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The First Muslim female astronaut Nora Al Matrooshi

The United Arab Emirates is about to set foot on the moon. This time The first Muslim female astronaut from the UAE will walk on the back of the moon. One of them is a 26-year-old mechanical engineer. Nure Al Matrushi. Another is 32-year-old Mohammad Alamullah.

Nora Al Matrooshi will be named in a unique record soon after landing on the moon. She will be the first woman in any country in the Arab world to walk on the moon. However, Nora will write history as soon as she gets into the spacecraft for the moon. Because this will be the first space trip of any Arab Muslim woman.

According to the UAE Space Research Organization, almost all preparations have been completed. Two astronauts, Nora and Almullah, will soon be sent to the NASA Johnson Space Center for two years of training.

Nure Al Matrushi is very excited about his own space journey. “As a child, I used to make spaceships out of paper and cardboard boxes,” he said. And I dreamed of going to space in that spacecraft. I used to play a lot of games like going to the moon. I used to tell my mother too. Now really going. I will go to NASA’s Johnson Space Center in September. The two-year training will start there. The child in my heart would probably be happiest if I could finally get to the moon or the International Space Station.

Nure Al Matrushi became interested in studying engineering after watching a documentary on the International Space Station. Passed Mechanical Engineering. After that, he got a job in a petroleum industry company. Noor applied after learning that the UAE Space Research Organization was looking for astronauts. He was selected on the basis of examination.

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