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Restaurant Business Plan and Process in Bangladesh

In this post we gonna say about Restaurant business plan in Bangladesh like an assignment for you. You will be able to know whole concept for starting a restaurant business here.

Restaurant business plan in Bangladesh

The dream of establishing a restaurant business among most young entrepreneurs often revolves around. For this reason, many are highly educated and are not looking for a job but are setting a goal towards business. Restaurant business is one of the most lucrative businesses nowadays. Many start their own hobby business again. Their main goal is to establish a business for whatever reason.

Therefore, considering the needs of the people, many people open restaurants. But the customer does not get the desired amount. There are a few things you need to keep in mind before starting a restaurant business that can benefit you.

Environmental Verification

The most important thing before starting any business is precise planning. Study the environment of the place where you want to have a restaurant. The environment is the geographical location, how fast you can expand the business, the number of your competitors, the business plan of the competitors, they did not bring any issues into the business but very important.

The success of a business depends on its geography and environment. You should first do market research and choose a good place. The perfect place depends on the communication system, the target customer, the financial status of the customers, their tastes, needs and abilities.

Talking to other traders

With other small traders get ideas about buyers, status of buyers, their trading methods, targeted buyers, raw materials. If necessary, talk about their various problems and challenges and find out how they overcome these challenges.

Market Analysis

Decide on your target buyer and what kind of food people prefer. Analyze the type of food they eat, such as what they don’t eat at regular restaurants. Put in your menu the type of food that most customers prefer. Keep a special item that is very tasty and seems to be a favorite of the customers.

Fix a specific niche

Such as Chinese food, Italian pasta, fresh seafood, if there is a variety of nice, it confuses the customers. That’s what this restaurant is actually favorite or famous for. To do this, focus on a specific niche. Check the geography of the place where you are going to start a business. There are rich, middle class and poor people living there. Which they prefer is fast food or ordinary food.

What kind of people are more likely to come – professional, student, tourist or foreigner. People have different choices in one profession. Those who bring professionals and family must give more importance to food quality. You have to think about what kind of restaurant you want to have. There are different types of restaurants such as fast food, mid scale restaurant, upscale restaurant etc. Choose a perfect restaurant for you considering the geographical location, environment, market, customer etc.

Concept Analysis

You must do a concept analysis before starting a business. That means your restaurant must have a clear vision. Customers need to be clear about what kind of food your restaurant offers and what kind of food it offers.

As your grandmother likes chicken fried, you must have a traditional food concept. If you offer Italian food then there will be no customer. Decide based on location, always offer fresh and fresh fish if your restaurant is by the river or by the sea.


Every business needs some capital to start up first. Create a potential budget for how much you can spend. Budget depends on location, business scale, property, equipment, etc.
You start small and select a few menus to increase your reputation and gradually expand your business. You start with some delicious food and drink first.

Restaurant business promotes and spreads based on food quality. So always maintain food quality. Analyze the average salary of customers. This will help you to create the right business plus. The first six months attracted customers with partial profits.

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Creating a business plan

To make a business successful, you need to create a beautiful business plan. Many successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs around the world place a high value on business planning. A business plan is the outline of doing business. Business Plus highlights some aspects in particular. E.g.-

Business identity or restaurant identity, food items, location, your short and long term goals. Gives ideas about all kinds of costs. Cost of lease, salary of employees, furniture, equipment etc. Take a specific marketing strategy and take different types of strategies to attract your target customers.

Make a list of your competitors and work with them on appropriate strategies and market and business policies for how to survive in the market. Create a Customer Friendly Menu Make a list of what special foods you will be serving. You must determine the price of the menu considering the cost.


To make the outlook and interior of a restaurant much more attractive, you need to create beautiful designs. Customers can be easily retained by combining beautiful designs with good food. Moreover people go to a restaurant only to eat but no, everyone wants an elegant and beautiful environment where some time can be spent.

Keeping the space open: People always prefer places where there is adequate light and air. So when designing a restaurant site, determine where the light and air will be needed for the customers.


Suppose you are creating a business plan. Now all you need is funding. You need millions of rupees to build a restaurant. Where to get money now – you can start from your own fund. You can choose any business partner.

You can raise funds from him by sharing your business plan with him or enter into a partnership agreement with him. In this case, you must keep the documents of the partnership agreement. You can take a loan from a bank.

Food Security

The quality and type of food should always be maintained. Special care should be taken to avoid stale, rotten food. Foods that can cause controversy with customers over food quality cannot be served. Food quality and cooking quality should be of good quality. That’s why you can have a good quality cook. Because, no matter how good the cooking utensils, if the cooking is not delicious, there will be no customer. So this issue has to be taken care of.

Customer Satisfaction

At present, customers are a bit skeptical about food cooking and environment. There is a dilemma as to where the cooking is taking place and whether the food is being prepared in a healthy environment. So customers will be more satisfied if you show your cooking and dining environment. Therefore, if the overall image of the restaurant is captured by the CCTV camera, more customers will be found.

Parking facilities

Restaurants must have parking facilities. Many customers will come who will bring the car so parking facility has to be provided for the customers. With good parking facilities, customers will be able to park their cars, resulting in increased sales. Type, your restaurant has good food environment but no parking facility, in this case if someone brings a car then your restaurant will not be able to eat. Because your restaurant has no parking facilities. Thus, there must be restaurant parking facilities at the present time.

Product Review

Nowadays people look at what kind of food is offered wherever they go to eat. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Moreover, if the review of a food is good, then other customers will also be attracted.


Many entrepreneurs are choosing this business keeping in mind the needs and preferences of the people. Moreover, people now want to spend more time outdoors, which has grown exponentially over the years. People from all walks of life want to spend time with their family and loved ones. That’s why they choose restaurants to spend time and enjoy food.

Okay, You just have read the whole post about Restaurant business plan in Bangladesh. What is your opinion now? Tell us in comment box.

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