People die in Bangladesh due to attack by unknown animals

The unidentified animal that is killing people at Palashbari in Gaibandha, Bangladesh  may be Tasmanian tiger or, Tasmanian wolf or, Nannup tiger. Which became extinct about a hundred years ago. It is very similar to the description of the unknown animal of the villagers. Being estimated according to their opinions.


They were relatively shy and nocturnal, usually looking like a medium to large sized canine, with a stiff tail and a belly-like kangaroo. Due to evolution, it exhibits a physiology and orientation similar to that of the Northern Hemisphere tiger (Panthera tigris) and wolf (Canis lupus), such as the dark oblique stripe that begins at the top of its back. Thylacine was a terrifying top predator. Although there is controversy over exactly how large its prey was. Its closest surviving relative is the Tasmanian Devil.


Before British colonization, thalassine was endangered locally in New Guinea and mainland Australia, but its last base was on the island of Tasmania, along with other endemic species, including the Tasmanian Devil. Indiscriminate hunting is blamed for its extinction, but other factors may include disease, the introduction of dogs, and human domination of its habitat.

If found, hopefully the animal will be seen again in about a hundred years.

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