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100% Sure Online Income 2022 by Mobile (Video Proof)

Make Money Online Easy Process in Bangladesh (BD)

If you are looking for a way to make online income by mobile in Bangladesh 2022, then you have come to the right place. You may be thinking about how to make income online with mobile in 2022, aren’t you? Hopefully reading this post will put an end to your thoughts. Because I have appeared in this post with the easy and right way to make online income in 2022 with mobile.

Read the whole post patiently. If you want to build your career in the online world, you need to be a little patient and learn smart methods.

Many people come to this sector and work hard like donkeys but lose at the end of the day. Then sitting by thinking will not be by him. As a result, it is lost from the online sector. The only reason is maybe lack of patience or lack of proper approach.

There are two main types of online income generators. E.g .:

  1. Temporary procedure
  2. Permanent method.

Here are the details of how you can earn income from this world by adopting the above two methods.

Permanent Online Income 2022 Process

Now we will see how to make sustainable online income in 2022 with 5 easy ways. Let’s take a look:

Makes YouTube videos

If you like to make videos and you have a good quality smartphone, then 2022 is one of the easiest and genuine ways with online income mobile through YouTube channel.

What do you think about making a video! Isn’t it? Before that, think about what skills you have. You can post videos in different categories on YouTube. Such as – lifestyle, science, technology, entertainment, educational, updated information, etc.

As a beginner, you can start with the educational category. The school can make subject based videos for the students. In a word, you can make videos with what you know.

According to YouTube’s policy, if you can get 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in a year, the income will continue to be added to your AdSense account.

Although it is a little difficult at the beginning, in a few days you will become a professional and you will understand something more advanced.

Online Income 2022 by blogging with mobile

If you want to earn money by writing, then this method of online income by blogging will be the best for you.

You can write about the subject you have good skills in. You will need a platform for blogging. It is better to have a website of your own. Or you can start with Blogger.com. It’s completely free.

Here you can create your website for free and write. When a good topic comes to your website then you can earn income by displaying ads on your website through various ad agencies. One of the most popular ad agencies in this case is Google AdSense.

Online Income 2022 by Facebook E-Commerce

We all know that Facebook e-commerce is a popular social media platform nowadays. Using Facebook e-commerce to sell products can be another easy way to your online income 2022.

For this you need a good smartphone + Facebook ID or phase. If you are going to sell the product yourself then you will need some investment. But if you sell your product online from under a shop then your income will be generated in percentage form.

In this case, you can advertise your product on Facebook Live or you can share it with your followers by writing in the form of articles.

Online income through tuition

The importance of online learning is increasing due to the availability of the internet. If you are proficient in a subject, then you can also earn money by teaching the subject online through mobile.

In addition to online tuition, you can create various courses, which can be earned by selling. You can also earn money by working as a consultant on the subject you are good at.

Suppose you understand digital marketing well. In that case you have more than one way to earn income, even with mobile. First of all, you can earn money through digital marketing services through freelancing. Then you can earn money by teaching digital marketing to others online.

Or you can find and teach students online about the subject you have just graduated from. In that case you have to stay connected with different educational groups through social media.

Make Money 2022 by selling photographs or videos

If you love to take pictures or are a nature lover then online income 2022 by selling pictures or videos will be best for you.

There will be two things at once. You will be able to travel a lot and you will also earn income online with the pictures taken. Think about what people are looking for in a picture online.

Do different keyword research. See what kind of pictures people look for online. Collect those kinds of pictures. In this case, if you have a good quality smartphone.

There are some popular websites for selling pictures. Among them are popular iStockPhoto, Art Storefronts, SmugMug, Alamy, Stockxpert, Zenfolio and Shutterstock. Do research on these sites. Read their policy.

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Temporary Online Income Process 2022

The temporary method here means that the stability of this income is relatively low. The third party marketplaces listed here may change their policy at any time. In other words, it may be that there is an offer continuation today but not tomorrow. However, to make use of these offers by thinking of contemporary issues. Below are some temporary online income 2022 sources.

Income from Bkash app

You will be really surprised to know that you can easily earn income from the now widely used mobile banking development app. One of the best and most reliable of all the online income apps is the income from the bKash app at the moment.

Hopefully you are using the development app for your own needs. As well as if someone else installs this app through your referrals, you will be a great earner. If you can work well, you can earn a minimum of Rs 20,000 or Rs 30,000 per month from here only by referral.

See in the video how to make income by referring to the bKash app.

Income from Likee app

By working on Like, you will be able to generate online income 2022 at this time. This is an app where you can build your popularity by uploading videos as well as an online income system. There will be a video source on how to make money from the Likee app. Before that, know the processes of income from Likee.

  • Using # HsahTag
  • Live video
  • Uses Crown
  • Sponsor Sponsor makes videos
  • Participates in the competition
  • Likee sells accounts

Also, here are two popular sites for selling like accounts:

  1. Fameswap.com
  2. playerup.com

Hope you understand how to generate online income 2022 through likes. Watch the whole process from the video.

Income from Snack Video

Snack Video is one of the closest rivals of Tiktok at the moment. Here a video clip is made using a song, music, dialogue just like Tick Talk. A user can win the hearts of the audience by showing his work, posture, dance, song, style, etc. Here and there is a system of great income. If you do not regularly upload videos to Snake Video, it is possible to earn money just by watching videos. Isn’t that weird !!!

How To Make Money From Snack Video:

  • Receives a reward for signing up,
  • With new users you will actually get bonuses,
  • Share your activities,
  • There are daily check-in rewards,
  • Invites friends and so on.

See more about income from Snake Video in this video.

Earnings from YouTube Shorts

Shortcut videos can also be created here, like Like or Tick. This marketplace is very popular and sensitive, so there is not much content here. If you can create professional quality videos then this marketplace is for you. Currently, short videos are gaining popularity. Creating and uploading videos of this type of shorts from 15 seconds to 60 seconds.

Let’s talk about how to make money from YouTube Shorts. According to YouTube’s policy, those who can achieve Proper Rich with good quality short videos are eligible to earn 100 to 10,000. Even if his YouTube channel is not monetized, it still applies. Watch the video: Income from YouTube Shorts.

Earnings from the TikTok app

Tiktok is one of the most talked about places in Asia. Many people in our country are constantly earning money from the TikTok app.

Income as well as referral facility by uploading tickets and videos. First you open an account yourself, if you open another account for a friend or acquaintance under that account, you will easily get the referral bonus. At present you can earn up to 240 rupees per referral in the Tiktok app.

You can easily withdraw your earnings through mobile recharge and development. You can easily get a mobile recharge if you have a minimum of 10 taka and a bKash payment if you have 50 taka. Watch the video on how to make income.


Thank you so much for reading the whole article. Hopefully a detailed idea has been created among you to do online income mobile in 2022. Be patient and work hard in the right way from today.

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