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Online classes are a popular concept nowadays. We have been noticing the use of technology in education for a long time. However, due to the recent increase in the incidence of coronavirus, all educational institutions in the country and abroad were conducting their educational activities relying on online classes. Classes can be taken according to the convenience of both the teacher and the student in the online class. Because online classes can be done anywhere just by connecting to the internet.

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What is an online class?

Online classes are about conducting educational activities through the internet. It is now possible to study a class of lessons from any platform through the internet at home. Zoom, Meetings, Facebook, YouTube etc. are very popular as current online class platforms. Teachers of different schools, colleges, madrasas, educational institutions take classes on these platforms and students are also benefiting from it.

To take online classes you will need a desktop, laptop or any one of the 10 versions of an Android mobile phone. Usually online classes are taken on specific subjects of different classes. Maybe a teacher takes online classes on his own initiative. Or he takes classes under an educational institution.

online class materials

Almost all of us know in this age what it takes to take. I have already said what it takes to take an online class. Now I will analyze them separately.

You will need a desktop, laptop or Android phone to take online classes. With which there will be internet connection. You will need a microphone and a webcam.

Desktop / Laptop or Phone: 

Teachers and students communicate online through these devices and take classes. So many students can properly study your desired subject online. Because through these devices you will be connected to the class through the internet.


Classes can be taken directly through the camera by setting the webcam with laptop, desktop. But if you take a video call class with a mobile phone, you don’t need a webcam anymore. In that case taking or doing classes is a little inconvenient. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.


When the teacher takes the class online, it will be recorded through the mic and passed on to the students. If he is a student again, his mic will be useful in asking any question. Because no one can reach out to anyone without a microphone. So the mic is an important device for online classes.

Online Platform

By online platform we mean YouTube, Facebook, Zoom, Meetings, Google Duo etc. Basically, classes are taken through these platforms. Through these platforms the student-teacher interacts directly. So Internet platforms are important for online classes.


Although it is said that online classes can be done from any place. In fact, it is best to set aside a secluded clean space for the class. Because if the teacher is taking classes from a noisy place, it makes it difficult for the students to understand. Again taking classes from unclean and messy places will ruin your impression on the students. On the other hand, being a student, if you take classes from a noisy place, it will be difficult for you to understand. So it is important to set aside space for online classes.

Disadvantages of the online class

Each subject has its advantages and disadvantages. Online classes are no exception. Prolonged online classes can cause migraine and eye problems in many people. Also, wearing earphones for a long time and doing classes is harmful for the ears. So it is okay to learn the subject of your choice but do it routinely without harming your health. So that both your sides are protected. In addition, with the advent of online classes, many students are failing to focus on book-based reading. So not long online classes.


Technology is a blessing in our lives. Online classes are his example. Now through online classes we can do and do classes sitting at home. Difficult subjects are getting easier through online classes. Now it is possible to take lessons from experienced teachers at home free of cost. So it is safe to say that technology is a blessing in disguise, and it is our duty to ensure its proper use.

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