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How to check gold purity at shop, Know here

If you are searching about How to check gold purity at shop so you are in the right place to know that. We are here to help you all about.

Is the gold you are buying real? The original gold is 24 carats. But jewelry is not made with that gold. Because it is so soft that it is not possible to make jewelry. 22 carat gold is mainly used for making jewelry. Of which 91.8% is gold.

How to check gold purity at shop

Hallmarks of all carats are different. For example, the number that is 22 carats is 918, 21 carats is 75, 18 carats is 750. But how do you recognize real gold at home? Let’s take a look.

  1. The presence of iron in gold can be tested using magnets. If iron is mixed in gold, then it will pull as soon as the magnet is caught. 
  2. There are some chemicals and acids in the market that can be used to verify the quality of gold. When that chemical or acid comes in contact with pure gold, no reaction takes place. But if it is not pure, the reaction will start.
  3. There are more ways to recognize pure gold. Take a plate of white porcelain. Try rubbing gold jewelry in it. If there are black spots on the plate, then it should be understood that the gold is fake. And if the light golden color falls, then it must be understood that it is real.
  4. Take two glasses of water in a deep pot. Throw away the gold jewelry you bought and see if it floats. If it floats, then it must be understood that it is fake.
  5. Even if you come in contact with sweat, the real gold never smells of sweat. If it smells like sweat, then you have to understand that there is something wrong.


Hold the gold with a light bite. If it is real, then there will be light bite marks on the gold. We hope that you have nicely understand about How to check gold purity at shop. Thanks for watching the post. 


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