Free Government Freelancing Course in Bangladesh 2023

Freelancing is a widely discussed profession among today’s youth. Freelancing is about earning money by working for others online from home. Through this, today’s young people are earning dollars only with internet knowledge and IT skills. It is possible to become self-reliant by earning hundreds to thousands of dollars per month through the government free Freelancing Course in Bangladesh 2023 without cost and also so many benefits. 

But where to learn freelancing? Which course is right for you? To know that, we have written all about today.

Decide which freelancing course is best for you 

Before learning freelancing, it is good to know what you want to master. The current government free training courses in Bangladesh 2023 includes SEO Marketing, Graphics Design, Email Marketing, Website Design, WordPress and some more courses.

You can build your career only if you can make yourself proficient in any one course best among these. So first decide which government freelancing course to take, decide where you are interested and what you want to do well.

At present the Govt. of Bangladesh is investing heavily in the ICT sector so now there is so many free opportunity to learn freelancing officially without any of cost. 

Popular freelancing courses in the meantime

At present these courses below are very effective and timely government free freelancing courses in Bangladesh 2023 are:

  • Graphics design
  • Web site design and Development
  • Digital marketing with SEO

Because in this case it is possible to work together in several sectors. Especially if you have learned SEO marketing, you will also learn some coding and web site.

Again, if you have a lot of skills in graphics design, you do not have to sit. You can easily find clients on sites like Online Marketplace Fiverr, Up work, People per hour etc. So start a course according to your choice.

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Where to Do these freelancing courses in 2023

the Government of Bangladesh is giving huge investment in IT. In view of this, freelancing courses have been launched under different names. Currently freelancing is also being learned online.

Learning and Earning Government Project

This course is being conducted online from any district of the country through government funded “Learning and Learning” (LEDP) program. Here it is: Graphics Designing, Web Design and Developing and Digital Marketing etc. 

To register for Government Free Training Courses in Bangladesh 2022 , enter the following link below:

Learning and Earning Admission will requirements 

The exact NID / birth registration information, passport size photo and a small signature of 2 MB in PNG format. Besides, to be admitted in this course, minimum HSC pass is required Mobile phone with own computer and internet connection.

SEIP Government Freelancing Course in Bangladesh 

Skill for Employment Investment Program (SEIP) is an another Government Free Training Courses in Bangladesh 2022 . If you search online, you will find their website. And submit the required paperwork to your nearest Government Polytechnic as per the training advertisement of SEIP.

Required to be admitted in SEIP

Photocopy of NID is required. HSC and SSC certificate, to be admitted in this course. Also income certificate by chairman or commissioner.


No matter which course you go to, try to learn by paying attention to the details. This will make you a better freelancer. Can be a valuable source of foreign income for the country and can build its own bright future. To get Latest Update Visit our eSujon Technical Bangla Blog site any time. You can also read about the blogs below.

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