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BKSP school admission 2022 Notice published

If you are looking for Bangladesh Sports Education Institute bksp school admission 2022 then you have come to the right place. There is also bksp online registration 2022 method. People also search district based like Dinajpur BKSP Admission 2022. BKSP cricket Admission 2022. I will try to cover latest info.

Sports with general education for talented sportspersons under Bangladesh Sports Education Institute (BKSP)
Regular trainees will be admitted in 2022 academic year to create national and international standard players by providing long term science based training in the field. In this case, according to the following bksp school admission 2022 Notice, the preliminary selection test will be held according to the day, date and place.

bksp cricket admission 2022 date

Bangladesh Institute of Sports Education (BKSP) is the national sports institute of Bangladesh. BKSP online registration 2022 process also available here. bksp cricket admission 2022 date.  It is located in Savar, about 26 km northwest of residential and capital Dhaka and about 8 km north of the memorial. BKSP cricket Admission 2022. It is a government-funded autonomous organization. Dinajpur BKSP Admission 2022.

Students will be recruited through the examination selection process as per the department-based BKSP school admission 2022 Notice. One thing to note is that a candidate can only register once in a sports department. Candidates who register more than once in the same sports department will be considered ineligible.

Institute: BKSP (Bangladesh Sports Education Institute)
academic year: 2022 academic
year, the admission: 4th to 9th grade (kriya basis),
the primary election schedule: 14 January to 11 February 2022

(each section each on the admission of the preliminary test)

will get admission : both boys and girls
Age limit for: Minimum 10 and maximum 18 years depending on the
Online Application / Registration Link: www.bksp.gov.bd

BKSP admission notice 2022

BKSP admission notice 2022
BKSP admission notice 2022

BKSP Selection Procedure 2022

  • 1. On the day of initial selection in Dhaka BKSP you have to bring 2 copies of color photo (passport size).
  • 2. On the day of preliminary selection, you have to fill the registration form from Dhaka BKSP and participate in the examination.
  • 3. Medical examination (age determination and other medical tests).
  • 4. Physical fitness test.
  • 5. Practical tests by self play / category.
  • . Sports equipment and clothing should be brought along on the day of initial selection.

BKSP admission final selection method

  1. A five-day training camp will be organized only for the initially selected players.
  2. Practical tests of self-contained sports department will be taken in the training camp.
  3. Written test (Bangla, English and Mathematics) of each class will be taken according to the syllabus of the latest class.
  4. Must bring birth registration certificate.
  5. Certificate of PSC and JSC examination should be brought if applicable.

BKSP Online registration 2022

BKSP online registration 2022 process. Practical tests related to sports science are taken. BKSP school admission 2022 Notice. The final trainee is selected on the basis of the combined results of all the examinations. BKSP cricket Admission 2022. Dinajpur BKSP Admission 2022.

To Admission Application Fee (For Selection Test): 200 Taka
Admission Fee: Admission 2,000 Taka ()
Security: 5,000 Taka (refundable)
Medical fee: Rs 300 (annual)
fee: Rs 150 (annual)
session fee: 1,500 taka (admission next year)
Magazine fee: 50 (annual)
library fee: 10 (yearly)
in the book: 10 (annual)
University / board fee: University / board determined by the


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