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Best proposal lines for crush girl 🥰🥰

Are your friends around you swearing two or three loves? And you are not falling in love just because of the lack of words 🤨🤨? There are many frustrations with this. But who would ask to Best proposal lines for crush girl? Yes, we did not write today for you. Learn the rules of proposing to the people of your choice from here-

It’s a romantic thing to compliment and propose

When we like someone, we look at their appearance. So if you want to propose to someone, you can say something romantic by complimenting him on his appearance or quality. You can say “your voice is beautiful, your eyes are nice or you like the way you speak”.

Or mentioning the work he likes to do and saying that it is going well. Someone knows how to write poetry or read books or take beautiful pictures. Then encourage him to do just that before you propose People like him and appreciate him. So it is not too late to praise the one you like.

Avoid nonsense

“I can’t live without you.” “I’ll give my life for you, I’ll cut your hand.” All these threatening words are not believed by anyone nowadays. This will further reduce your value to the person of your choice. So if you want to propose to her in a romantic style, say “I will have a good career for you” “We will go around your favorite places together” “Let’s see the world”. “I will respect who you want.”

Honestly, nowadays I will bring you the moon of the sky, since it sounds beautiful, “I will take you to your favorite mountain”. Or showing interest in visiting the places he wants to go.

Consider all aspects

When proposing, you need to keep in mind the list of preferences of the person you are proposing, such as what to eat, what to wear, where to go or what color to choose. These are things you can talk about when proposing. How much you can make her happy, stay together forever. You will explain to him that patience is his ability to handle all the anger from his mood swings.

For a long-term relationship, we have to make a decision after thinking a lot, so think carefully and speak nicely. If you propose online, you can write down your emotions in simple language with the help of a friend who can write neatly.

And if you want to face to face you can write a letter, along with chocolates and roses, you will see that a lot of romantic vibe has come in the matter. Then put his favorite song on the earphone and let him listen and tell your thoughts.

Best proposal lines for crush girl

No more worries about how to propose. Two quotes were beautifully written for both the boy and the girl.

The way the boys would propose

“I want to be by your side just as much as I love you, as much as your father loves you responsibly.”

The way the girls will propose

“The number of girls you’ve seen in your life for so long is your sister and mother or girlfriend ৷ I came to you today to be part of you. I want to protect you just like any part of your body.”

Because when we grow up, we know the love of these people the most. So their example works great.

Is it necessary to learn romantic words?

পছন্দের মানুষকে প্রপোজ করার নিয়ম

In fact, it is not possible to teach romance or romance to anyone. Dare to bring out your inner passion and love only once and make it your own language, you will see that everything will become easier. You may already be wondering what will happen next! Will he be angry? Will I be rejected?

No brother! You can’t think so much. So get rid of whatever is inside you. Whenever you can express your true feelings, you will get the desired result. It will be easier for you.
No one becomes romantic. Romance can also be created. Yes!

You choose a day for a proposal that is really nice to you. Wear clothes of your own or your loved one’s choice. An old rice with flowers to propose! You can do that if you want. It really creates a sense of romance.

Hopefully you’ve got an idea about the romance of proposing your search. So why the delay, time is running out. So let your loved one know everything you need to know. You can stay read more anytime at KL Fantasy.

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