Advantages of Women Education

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Advantages of Women Education


The simple answer to this question is how many hands do you need to live a healthy and beautiful life, of course two. Similarly, the importance of women’s education is immense to take the society towards development. Development of society is not possible without women. However, the biggest obstacle to women’s education is the male-dominated society.

Men want women to stay behind and be held hostage by them. However, women are playing a key role in promoting women’s education. However, the role of men should not be denied to achieve the purpose of women’s education. Hopefully women understand why education is needed.

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The purpose of women’s education

The purpose of women’s education is to advance women and enhance their social and state status. At one time the male-dominated society of the country had the idea that women have no need for education. Women are the girls of the house. What will be the benefit of learning their education. They will not be able to do any work in the country. They will not be able to do any job in the country.

Such was the idea of ​​the Dark Ages. Due to which our country was economically backward then. Even though it was late, everyone now understands that men as well as women need education. It has the objective of educating women.

Many incidents have taken place in the married life of many daughters in the country now. Many daughters have left their husbands’ homes and are returning to their father’s house. Then comes extreme misery in their lives. Therefore, if women are educated, they can survive by doing any work. Besides, it is very important for a mother to be educated in order to educate her children. There are various types of at least thousand Advantages of Women Education can be say.

Being educated by a mother means educating the whole family. There is no doubt about it.


Government’s contribution

Now schools, colleges, universities have good arrangements for the education of girls. Various steps have been taken to develop women’s education at government and private levels in the country. Primary education has been made free and compulsory for all children. Outside the municipality, there are unpaid educational opportunities for students up to 10th class and outside the metropolitan area, there are stipends for students at the secondary level.

Free textbooks are being provided at secondary level. National Women’s Training and Development Academy has been established and training academy has been set up for the purpose of vocational training of educated and poorly educated women. Technical assistance is being provided for Begum Rokeya Training Center, Women’s Agricultural Training Institute, Begum Shaheed Fazilatunnesa Mujib Women’s Training Academy and Women’s Agricultural Training Center.


Women’s education for employment

Employment is needed to empower women. Because employment can provide financial security to women. The present government has made arrangements to reserve quotas for women which guarantee access to women’s work through education. Opportunity.

Barriers to the spread of women’s education

Lack of Awareness – Lack of public awareness is the main obstacle to the spread of women’s education. People are still unaware of the importance of women’s education.

Child marriage – almost all girls are married off at a young age. As a result, girls can not get the desired education.

Religious bigotry – Girls are being deprived of education due to misinterpretation of religion.


We have to do to spread women’s education

Awareness raising – The need to educate the public about the need for women’s education. Everyone should understand the importance of women’s education.

Changing the mindset – The spread of women’s education requires a change in social attitudes. We need to change the idea that men are better than women.

Religious leaders come forward – Religious orthodoxy is one of the reasons for the backwardness of women in education. Religious leaders must come forward to eradicate this orthodoxy.


Women’s education is not only necessary but also essential for the betterment of the society. A woman can change a society. The twenty-first century is the age of science, technology and thinking. Women and men are the two main driving forces of society. If we look at the current socio-economic situation today, we can see the success of women everywhere.

If we look at the developed world, we can see that they are 100 times more advanced than us in terms of knowledge science. Because the key to their success is women’s education. Therefore, the development of the society and the country is possible only if the government should give special importance to women’s education.

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